1 Nov 2016

PixelHorrorJam Retrospective: Spooky Scary Gamedev

The #PixelHorrorJam:

So for the past month or so I've been putting a bit of work into an entry for the Pixel Horror Jam on, and last night was the release. The guidelines were to create a horror game that conveys a story and has a pixel art aesthetic. My final product for submission is Motel 666:

In Motel 666 you play as a traveller who had to stop for the night at The Starlight Motel. After checking in and going to bed you awaken in the night to find things aren't quite right. The staff are hazy, violent, and grotesque, and the motel itself has become like a trap.

Development Notes:

I developed Motel 666 in the Unity Engine, and it's available for download on both Windows and OS X. I may port it to the Razer Forge TV and post it to the Cortex store at some point after the voting phase of the Jam wraps up. Speaking of which, if you're reading this, please check out some of the other entries in the jam and please remember to rate any you've played!

My objective in developing Motel 666 was to craft an experience that would cross the atmosphere, story-telling, and mechanics of survival horror classics like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark with the aesthetics of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Graal Online (All of which I played far too much in my youth). The end results wasn't exactly what I'd set out to make when I first came up with the game and wrote out my designs, but time constraints on a game jam being what they are I'm very happy with the final product and I think it does its job quite well.

I had a great time developing Motel 666, if you're interested in the tools used to create the assets for Motel 666 you should read my entry Assets, Assets, Assets... which details how I make sprites, music, and sound effects. The short version is I used a combination of Piskel and Paint.NET to make the sprites, props, menus, and settings; and I used PulseBoy to make the chiptune music and sound effects.

On the Subject of the Sountrack:

Below are the three main songs from Motel 666, including the introduction music from the splash cards and menu, the boss battle music, and the closing music from the ending. 

Thanks so much to any of you who decided to give Motel 666 a try and I really hope you enjoyed it. If you have any feedback or comments about the game please feel free to let me know on Twitter @AdamBoyce4 or throw up a comment on the Game's submission page on

Thanks again everyone!