25 Oct 2015

Bite-Sized Horror Text Game Jam

Small update: I decided to enter a game jam for text-adventure games, the Bite-Sized Horror Text Game Jam. You can find my submission here: - it's called Ceilings and it's meant to be a bit spooky. It has several endings, including a couple of "good" ones. If you decide to play it, I recommend playing it in full screen. There are some screens you can trigger in the game where the text doesn't look quite right in the framed view because it gets distorted.

The creator of the jam, Greg Karber, recommended using Twine for the development of text adventure games for the jam. I hadn't heard of it before and I decided to use it, which led to learning Harlowe scripting syntax over the span of a day or so. Overall I'd say Twine is a fun tool for developing text-adventure games, and I might actually use it in future for behaviour tree documentation.

If you have time, please try Ceilings and some of the other entries, it's not a terrible way to spend a dark, quiet night anticipating the upcoming Halloween.

Thanks for reading!