19 Dec 2014

New and Improved!

Hi all,

The site was "taken down" for a little bit while I sorted out a new layout and made some decisions regarding content. There should be a lot of posts going up in the near future, but this site will primarily be used for making announcements related to game development projects being worked on or released, and for a general development blog dedicated to sharing any libraries, tools, and techniques that I've found useful.

Any code you might find shared on here is free to use, and you don't need to provide credit unless you feel so inclined. Whenever code from a project of mine is shared I'll make sure to include a link to a github repository in the post so that it can be downloaded with the inclusion of a more formal license.

In the very near future I hope to start posting a development blog showing the creation of a general-use C# artificial intelligence library that I may later adapt into a Unity package. Anyone who was reading before the redesign of the layout here may remember that I had been posting the development of a Unity package from the beginning, and I'd like to explain the change and my reasons for it: The design of the original library/package was poorly planned. It wasn't made with the Unity engine in mind and the structure of the project's classes and how they'd be interacting wasn't very well fleshed out on my part before I began working on it. There are a number of books on the subject of good software design, and most (if not all) will tell you that the best designers always consider multiple designs before settling on the best one, and I didn't do that. If you were following along with that project, the concepts presented were accurate, but the implementation was flawed. The lesson here is to actually sit down and plan out your project before you begin coding it, and while this doesn't guarantee that it will work entirely as planned, it does mean that you're much more likely to have a coherent set of objects working together from start to finish. I hope you'll enjoy the new series of posts I'll be coming out with on the subject.